Our experience with clients over many years has shown that the financial side of their businesses is something that is often overlooked/ outdated in the overall day to day management of a business.

This extends to the financial structure used in the business, the efficient use of assets, the timely collection of debtors and using the competitive state of the finance market to get the best available financing arrangements.


The relationship business owners have with their financiers is a crucial part of any successful business.

The finance definition can also extend to the insurance cover any business has in place. Here we are talking about ensuring the right insurance cover is in place to protect the business in the case of an unfortunate happening in the business or with the business owner(s).

The Collaborative Group does not act as a broker. With our expertise we review the financial side of any business as part of our engagement process to ensure the business owner has the most appropriate structures in place to efficiently cover both the current and future requirements of the entity.

To highlight our approach the following areas will be addressed: