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Vic Dorsen
Vic Dorsen
Vic has had the opportunity to work with many organisations in order to help them build, transform and increase growth and profitability. He passionately believes that to get the best from all within a company, one must be able to articulate the goals and explain what each person’s responsibilities are and what they need to do to achieve those goals. This means to support, coach, encourage, mentor and reward them.
The end result is a stronger company with improved profits now and a greater future value.
Vic had an international career in the US and Europe before returning to Australia in 1980. He also had a strong background in manufacturing and logistics before moving into sales.
His experience in Australia includes: GM at Hunter Douglas, Toshiba and Esselte (at that time Australia’s and the world’s largest stationery company) where he soon became VP Asia Pacific. In 2008, Vic began his consulting career with NEM Pty Ltd; the scope of the work dealt with growth and profitability as well as succession planning within as well as the sale of the business. In 2012, he became Chairman of Redback Conferencing – Australia’s fastest growing conferencing organisation.
This provided him with the basis while in London to establish ADEPT, a packaging and market consulting company with clients across Europe. ADEPT became the biggest agency of its type in Europe and the UK.
In February of 2016, Vic formed The Collaborative Group.
In his spare time, he enjoys writing poetry, collecting paintings and enjoying the many views of Sydney while cycling.
David believes that successful businesses follow the sporting adage that a champion team does not need to be full of a team of champions.
During his long banking career David worked in senior executive director roles in businesses who aspired to become major players in local and or global markets. Those businesses needed to have the strategy, people and resources to achieve such goals. In each instance, David drove those areas to achieve market leading success and profitability while allowing his Team Members to achieve their potential.
With twenty years of Banking experience, David was head hunted to move into merchant banking. He worked for Canadian (CIBC), Dutch ( ABN Amro) and French ( Société Générale) merchant banks in Australia, London and New Zealand in both local and international markets.
David Wyndham Director
Deciding on a career change, David moved into the world of private banking. He worked with UBS, Deutsche Bank, St George and ANZ dealing with the major private clients of those organisations and building businesses in each case.
During this period, David became the inaugural Chair of Carriageworks, the contemporary arts centre at Everleigh and led the organisation in its development. He also negotiated Carriageworks initial recurrent funding package with the then New South Wales Government and led the international search for the organisation’s replacement Managing Director.
David is a past Director of the Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce in New South Wales and oversaw the Chamber’s Events Committee. During his nine years as a director, David also acted as a mentor to the Chamber’s Young Business Forum members, working and advising entrepreneurs, lawyers, bankers and corporate executives.
With qualifications and studies in commerce, accounting and management courses at the University of Melbourne, plus his proven track record, David is well placed and experienced to assist clients in strategy, productivity and profit improvement.