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IT Communications

The Problem: Three years of stagnated sales, no strategy or structure and discontent between directors. Unprofitable!
The Brief: Define the business objectives. Develop a strategy to achieve those objectives. Restructure the business to be able to implement the strategy. Manage the implementation.
The Outcome: Became profitable nine months later. Growth over the last seven years averaged 22% pa. Appeared on the BRW fastest growing companies. Profit growth over the period + 40%. Now has a vibrant and progressive management team.
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Construction and Landscaping

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The Problem: Sales growth stagnant at slightly over $3 million, low profitability and the Director/Managers underpaid for their efforts and hard work.
The Brief: Improve sales and profitability and Directors’ remuneration.
The Outcome: Developed goals and strategy to achieve growth and profitability. Implemented strategy. Created a management team and divisionalised the company. Sales after three years $8 million, profits and the return dramatically increased.

Fashion Importer and Distributor

The Problem: Sales fallen from $11.5 million to $8 million, accumulated losses of $1.2 million over three years.
The Brief: Business Review and restructure + nine-month interim GM + systems implementation project + potential business sale.
The Outcome: Implemented new costing and pricing strategy. Forward order gain of 5%+. Achieved performance improvement objectives. Productivity + 20%. Forward sales from $1.8 to $4.2 million. New costing system + management restructure.
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