Month: June 2022

Really Meant

I Really Meant It!

Change is such a difficult thing. Our inertia of what we know and are comfortable with has a strength to hold us back, in place, often to our detriment. There’s always a need to change, develop, and be with the trend at the very least – if not (hopefully), setting the trend. Most business owners have …

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5G could blog Post

How 5G could change everything from music to medicine

A very interesting article, the point is relevant to us all and for business leaders and entrepreneurs it’s message is specific: the pace of technology is moving so very fast that if we don’t make ourselves aware and adapt we will be by-passed!

Setting Goals

Setting Goals

We get to work and the rush of the day begins. We work hard and go home feeling satisfied, or are we? Few businesses can define their objective in the short or long term, this means that it is impossible to develop a strategy because we don’t know what we want to achieve, nor the time …

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Companies must meet the aspirations of its employees or they will become disillusioned and leave. Unfortunately, it’s the best people who leave. But how do we pave the way between the individual and their ambition? We need to recognise what the potential of the individual is and see how that fits into the needs of …

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